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Ever since the beginning of the pandemic we all had to show a whole new palette of flexibility and creativity. I as well planned my wedding in the middle of 2020 and had to overthink everything even more. Luckily I never wanted a huge wedding and a super long guest list but all of a sudden we where left with less than 30 people and still made a day of it!

But how will the wedding industry move on from this? Will everything hopefully soon be back to how it always was? Or would we enjoy clinging to one or two new habits?

One of the new big trends will definitely stay the micro wedding.

As a wedding photographer, many of my couples who had to keep a small guest list told me that they felt a little relieved about not having to invite every single person who expects to be invited. There are no rules in who should be there. You decide who you want to spend this very special day with.

It is definitely not everyone's type to throw a gigantic party with 200 people. For some, the pandemic brought them closer to their real wedding wishes and I even heard one or two couples say that they now don’t have to feel bad about only inviting their 20-30 dearest family members and friends. And that the smaller guest list will make their day even more intimate and personal; I totally agree with that!

Dion and Guylène contacted me super spontaneous for their even more spontaneous wedding. Luckily I was still available since it wasn’t quite the wedding season yet.

Dion and Guylène said to me that their first thought was to elope. As they went on with their plans they did realize that they want their families and closest friends to be there when they celebrate their love! And so they slowly turned the elopement idea into a micro wedding.

Within only weeks they planned their wedding day and see for yourself how stunning it turned out!

Guylène & Dion

26/04/2021in Amsterdam

Merle von Alten-Reuss, Poems by Light Photography

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