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Roxana and Justus booked me for a post-wedding shoot during their Amsterdam trip.

And here are some reasons why I think it is a great idea to have a post-wedding shoot.

On your wedding day you are bound to the venue

No matter where your wedding takes place - outdoor, in a greenhouse, a castle - those are all beautiful places for a photoshoot and I'm 100% sure we will create some amazing shots, but how cool would it be to have your wedding photos be taken anywhere you want? Perhaps at the spot you first met, or where you got engaged. Or how about during your honeymoon in a stunning destination?

Having the freedom to pick any spot for your wedding pictures, what place would you pick?

On your wedding day you are bound to a time limit

Even though YOU are the bride and groom and therefore time limits and being too late should not exist on this special day, we wouldn't want to let the guests wait for too long.

Especially when we decide to take the car to a nearby spot, time will fly. And being in a hurry could have an impact on how you feel during the shoot.

"I don't mind if the dress get's dirty anymore"

Quite often does the bride wish for her dress to stay clean for the rest of the day. Totally understandable. However, I can not guarantee that your outfit stays the same. Especially a forest or a meadow will leave their fingerprints on your dress. I’d say „who cares, you’re the bride and groom, you look stunning either way and a bit dirt should’t matter on this great day“ But I fully understand that not everyone feels this way. So if you don’t want your dress to get dirty on your wedding day, a post-wedding shoot could just be fitting for you.

Especially now that you don’t care about how clean the dress is, the possibilities are endless. We could hike in the mountains, run across the beach or even take a dive into the water for some breathtaking images.

Even though Roxana and Justus got married in Germany, they now have super spontaneous wedding photos taken in the industrial face of Amsterdam.

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