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During the pandemic I met many couples who considered celebrating two weddings.

My husband and I got married in January 2021, it was the middle of a lockdown and we celebrated with less than 30 people, and are planning to throw a bigger celebration in 2022.

Chiara and Kenny had the same idea...

When they contacted me, they introduced their plans of one small wedding in 2021 and a bigger one in 2022.

Not only do I think this is a great idea to deal with the pandemic as an engaged couple, It even gives you time to overthink your priorities for the big day.

When I asked Chiara if she will be wearing a wedding dress on their first and smaller wedding day she immediately said yes! I replied: will you have two wedding dresses then?

And what she said then, surprised me. I haven't thought about that yet and I immediately fell in love with that idea!

"We thought that it would be extra special if I a year later step into my wedding dress again, that's why I only want one dress" she answered.

One wedding over, the other one ahead, I already loved their small celebration so much, that I as much as the bridal couple can't wait for the second celebration!

I'm looking back to these beautiful photos and looking forward to capture their big day in 2022!

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