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Hi, I'm so happy you found your way here! 

I'm Merle, a doer. My ideas always find their way out of the mind and into my hands, I love to create, get inspired and inspire others.  I'm half German, half Dutch and I grew up as the youngest of a very creative family. Most of my life I lived in Germany. 

So you are looking for someone to capture you wedding day? I would love to meet you over a coffee or a skype call and would be honored to be part of your special day!


Let's get to know one another. 

Portrait of the photographer


My photography is classy, poetic and elegant. I love details and on your wedding day I won't leave them out.


You've spent many hours and effort into all the aspects of your great day and I will value these by capturing them. Because after all: It's the small things that form the big day!

I want you both to feel as comfortable as possible when you stand in front of my camera, and therefore I find it very important to get to know you!

the photographer
the photographer and her husband
Riad Marrakech


With my photos I write a story, your story!


Especially the unplanned and imperfect moments are incredibly beautiful. It's not about the perfect weather, unwrinkled clothing and a photoshopped model.


I love the roughness of a moment, something unplanned and real.


Those moments show the raw and rich beauty of life!


A painter will always have days in which he won't touch a bush and can't find his creativity. Everyone has these days.

I have them. But they always bring me further and teach me that my passion is not fed by admiration of others. it‘s fed by what moves inside of me. It arises in the heart and is dedicated to what I feel. 

"Real beauty doesn't want to be admired."

the photographer
the photographer and her husband
the photographer and her husband
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